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Colorado Springs Composite Decks

Over the last decade, choices for deck material have grown dramatically. In the past, you had one choice: wood. Then you had to decide on which species of wood. Now, there’s a wide variety of composites, synthetics, treatments, species, and even aluminum. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences and what we believe is best suited to withstand Colorado weather.

As anyone who has navigated the potholes of Colorado roads, you quickly begin to understand the impact changing weather has on our building materials. While warm winter days reaching into the mid 60s in Colorado Springs is a selling point, each year we also await the exciting prospect of a white Christmas and snow days filled with sledding for the kids. These drastic changes in temperatures wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. As explained in our article of blowing out your sprinkling system, expansion and contraction due to continual freezing and thawing exposes materials to tremendous force. If roads made of concrete and tar are buckling and splitting under the pressure, imagine what is happening to the wood of your deck.

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Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

In this article we’ll explain the importance of preparing your irrigation system for freezing temperatures and the most common ways of clearing water from your lines.

Colorado Springs is notorious for its fluctuating weather. It seems the cold air can come as early as September, or we find ourselves in t-shirts puttering around our yards in January. Parts of El Paso County edge into the 100s during the summer, and we’ll drop to -20 degrees during a polar vortex around Christmas. No matter what Mother Nature has in store for us, Monument and Woodland Park can count on getting their first snow before Halloween. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you pay attention to the changing seasons–and properly winterize your sprinkling system before a cold snap destroys it.

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Site-Finished Hardwood Installer Colorado Springs

The two main types of hardwood floors found in Colorado Springs are site-finished and pre-finished. In this article we’ll be discussing site-finished hardwood and why you may want to choose this material for the flooring of your home.

Site-finished hardwood is the traditional method of installing hardwood floors. Prior to the advent of pre-finished, or engineered hardwood, site-finished is how every home received its hardwood. It’s classic, timeless, and what you would expect to see in Victorian or high-end custom homes. Pre-finished hardwood has come a long way in the recent decade, and may be the smartest choice when it comes to a renovation, but there is no substitute when site-finished hardwood is installed correctly.

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Colorado Springs Fireplace Contractor

Whether you’re considering an addition, finishing your basement, or designing a luxury bathroom–a fireplace adds warmth and atmosphere that can’t be replicated.

One of the most common features our homeowners request when embarking on a remodel or renovation is a fireplace. It’s understandable, nothing caps off a crisp fall evening like warming your toes next to a fire. Colorado has the perfect climate year ‘round and few things bring families closer together than a fireplace. In this article we’ll highlight the most common types of fireplaces and explain a few of their differences to help you choose the best for your home.

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Finished Basements in Colorado Springs

Custom basement designs to maximize livable space and add a bit of fun.

When homeowners turn to us for basement finishing in Colorado Springs, they’re generally considering three main things: maximizing affordable square footage, increasing property value, and adding features that their current home lacks. We’re fortunate that in Colorado most homes come standard with full basements and finishing them into a livable space is a relatively easy process.

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