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Colorado Springs Landscaping

Spoiler–spring. And here’s why.

Landscaping means a variety of things to different people, mainly because yards tend to be uniquely individual. Even in cookie-cutter sub-divisions where every house is built off of the same three layouts, yards are not. What you do to your yard is not the same as what your neighbor will do. Nevertheless, there are a few general guidelines we can share that will help maximize your landscaping endeavor.

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Washing Dishes

Here’s 6 tips to make sure you’re not causing unnecessary damage to your plumbing.

As long as the water is working in your home, no one thinks much about where it comes from or where it goes. However, supply lines and drains are an intricate system that weaves within the walls of your home. Damage to this plumbing can be quite costly, and cause quite the mess. Plumbing repairs usually require several additional steps beyond fixing the actual pipe – from water mitigation, to drywall and flooring repairs, and fixture replacement. To help avoid unnecessary disasters, we’ve made a list of common ways you can care for your pipes and prolong the life of your plumbing.

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Colorado Springs Basement Design and Finishing

Before you start thinking about features and fixtures that compliment your new finished basement, you must first decide on the purpose of your basement.

An unfinished basement is a blank canvas allowing you to span its uses from functional, extravagant, to in-home money makers. Understanding the type of renovator you are – the goals you have for your home in general – will directly impact the way you should design your new basement and the budget you dedicate to it. Before looking at a single photo for inspiration, pricing flooring or light fixtures, you must prioritize your objectives.

There are several types of mindsets. Have you settled down into your community and home? Will this basement be part of your forever home? Perhaps you’re enjoying your home, plan on making the most of it for the next few years, but you have your eyes and heart set on building a new custom home one day? Maybe your home is strictly an investment – and you plan on flipping it as soon it becomes attractive enough for buyers? Lastly, maybe you see all of this empty space as an opportunity to generate some extra money? Answering these questions and gaining a solid understanding of what it is you’re looking to achieve from your home will directly influence your basement design – and how we’ll encourage you to approach your renovation.

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Bathroom Remodel - Bathtub

Any realtor will tell you: kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in a home. Let’s do it right.

Updating your bathroom is a wise investment both if you intend on staying in your homes, and also, if you intend on selling it. According to FortuneBuilders, bathroom remodels offer the greatest return on investment over all other major home renovations. We’re not sure that’s entirely true, but we are sure that the bathroom is incredibly important. Here’s our list of what to consider when planning and budgeting your bathroom remodel.

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Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodels

Thinking about designing a new kitchen? Here’s our Top 5 features every homeowner should consider.

Anyone who has lived in an apartment or production home knows that most builders do the bare minimum to satisfy building requirements. They check boxes to meet mass-market testing, most features are tacked-on afterthoughts, and then they quickly move on to the next build. This is usually fine when you first move in to a home, but after years of actually using these half-baked kitchens, you begin to notice serious inefficiencies and lackluster performance.

For those committing to their lifelong investment and planning on using their kitchen for the longterm, or simply looking improve functionality and beauty for better resale–these are our top design features to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

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