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Site-Finished Hardwood Installer Colorado Springs

The two main types of hardwood floors found in Colorado Springs are site-finished and pre-finished. In this article we’ll be discussing site-finished hardwood and why you may want to choose this material for the flooring of your home.

Site-finished hardwood is the traditional method of installing hardwood floors. Prior to the advent of pre-finished, or engineered hardwood, site-finished is how every home received its hardwood. It’s classic, timeless, and what you would expect to see in Victorian or high-end custom homes. Pre-finished hardwood has come a long way in the recent decade, and may be the smartest choice when it comes to a renovation, but there is no substitute when site-finished hardwood is installed correctly.

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Colorado Springs Fireplace Contractor

Whether you’re considering an addition, finishing your basement, or designing a luxury bathroom–a fireplace adds warmth and atmosphere that can’t be replicated.

One of the most common features our homeowners request when embarking on a remodel or renovation is a fireplace. It’s understandable, nothing caps off a crisp fall evening like warming your toes next to a fire. Colorado has the perfect climate year ‘round and few things bring families closer together than a fireplace. In this article we’ll highlight the most common types of fireplaces and explain a few of their differences to help you choose the best for your home.

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Finished Basements in Colorado Springs

Custom basement designs to maximize livable space and add a bit of fun.

When homeowners turn to us for basement finishing in Colorado Springs, they’re generally considering three main things: maximizing affordable square footage, increasing property value, and adding features that their current home lacks. We’re fortunate that in Colorado most homes come standard with full basements and finishing them into a livable space is a relatively easy process.

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3D Kitchen Rendering in Colorado Springs

Three dimensional drawings of your new remodel aren’t new to the contracting industry, but they are super helpful. They help you visualize your new kitchen, and ensure that we deliver exactly what you want.

Blueprints are helpful for us, the contractor, but are limited in their ability to convey aesthetic ideas. Also, we don’t expect our customers to be architects or engineers, and chances are that your daily life doesn’t involve pouring over plans. Looking at a blueprint for the first time can seem like deciphering a forgotten language. Busting out rulers and graph paper to sketch out your own design usually looks like something that should be hung on the fridge, rather than an official document on where to place the fridge.

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Luxury bathrooms in Colorado Springs

A tranquil, spa experience in your own home? Didn’t think it was possible? With a little design and planning, Alpine Contracting will turn your production master bathroom into a custom luxurious retreat.

Everyone has their thing. A lot of attention has been given to man caves. We’ve all seen elaborate home theaters. Garages with epoxy floors, Gladiator storage, and every tool imaginable displayed above a workbench like an episode of Top Gear. But let’s face it, way more of our life is spent in the bathroom–and we’re about to change your idea of what this space could be.

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