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Bathroom Remodel - Bathtub

Any realtor will tell you: kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in a home. Let’s do it right.

Updating your bathroom is a wise investment both if you intend on staying in your homes, and also, if you intend on selling it. According to FortuneBuilders, bathroom remodels offer the greatest return on investment over all other major home renovations. We’re not sure that’s entirely true, but we are sure that the bathroom is incredibly important. Here’s our list of what to consider when planning and budgeting your bathroom remodel.

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Colorado Springs Kitchen Remodels

Thinking about designing a new kitchen? Here’s our Top 5 features every homeowner should consider.

Anyone who has lived in an apartment or production home knows that most builders do the bare minimum to satisfy building requirements. They check boxes to meet mass-market testing, most features are tacked-on afterthoughts, and then they quickly move on to the next build. This is usually fine when you first move in to a home, but after years of actually using these half-baked kitchens, you begin to notice serious inefficiencies and lackluster performance.

For those committing to their lifelong investment and planning on using their kitchen for the longterm, or simply looking improve functionality and beauty for better resale–these are our top design features to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

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Colorado Springs Bathtub

With high traffic and lots of moisture, bathrooms require special care. Here’s how to protect your new investment.

So, you’ve just settled back in and are appreciating the beauty and functionality of your new bathroom. You’re over the moon with your fixture selections and the artisan sinks really capture the eye. You’re in love with the new bench seat in the shower and each morning wonder how you lived without it. To continue the awe and protect this new investment, there’s a few steps on your end that you’ll need to include in your home maintenance routine.

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Basement Family Room

Wondering what to use your Basement space for? Top 10 ideas to maximize the functionality of your home.

Does your basement seem to just be used for extra storage? Is the space wasted and not utilized as best as it could be? What is your house lacking to fit your lifestyle? An unfinished basement is a perfect location to make your wildest dreams come true. Let’s get the most out of this space and create an area where your family and friends will love to gather. Here are 10 ideas of what to do with your basement.

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2021 Best of the Springs

January 1 to February 14, 2021 – Vote for Alpine Contracting as Best Contractor!

As we’re entering the new year, one tradition remains the same: the Gazette's Best of the Springs. Each year, the Colorado Springs community comes together and votes for their favorite local businesses. We’re honored to be nominated once more, and ask that you vote and help make us 2021 winners of this prestigious prize!

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