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Colorado Springs Finished Basement

Custom basement designs to maximize livable space and add a bit of fun.

When homeowners turn to us for basement finishing in Colorado Springs, they’re generally considering three main things: maximizing affordable square footage, increasing property value, and adding features that their current home lacks. We’re fortunate that in Colorado most homes come standard with full basements and finishing them into a livable space is a relatively easy process.

Maximizing Affordable Square Footage

The beauty of basements is that they’re existing space already attached to your home. You’re not actually building a new structure that requires an additional foundation and roof, and this saves you a tremendous amount of money. For the most part, basements are a weather tight concrete shell. Simply stay within the footprint of your walls and the sky is the limit on how you design your new space.

When it comes to the construction process, the interior layout and features of your home are some of the most affordable choices you can make. Land, earthwork, utilities, and sealing your home in from the weather makes up the most expensive costs when building a house. In turn, deciding where interior walls go or which grade of materials you want to use is subjective and widely diverse. This means you can almost double the square footage of your home, finishing an entire new level, as basic and functional as you need or as extravagant as you can dream. There is no easier or more affordable solution to adding more livable space to your home.

Increasing Property Value

Finishing your basement can be a wise investment. The more finished square footage you have, the more your property is worth–both in terms to quality of life and the monetary return on investment.

Perhaps you live in your “forever” home. You’ve decided that Colorado Springs is where you want to be, and your home serves as the headquarters for your family. This is where basement design becomes incredibility important–basic neccesities have been fulfilled on your primary level, now you're adding elements of how you choose to live. How many guest bedrooms do you need and the bathrooms to accompany them? Perhaps a place for the kids to play video games? Maybe a fully stocked wet bar next to a custom card table to host Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments? By earnestly devoting thought and resources to the basement in your forever home, you’ll maximize the joy, entertainment, and livability of your lifelong investment.

For those of you strictly looking at dollars and cents and attempting to capitalize upon your investment, functionally finishing a basement is the best value for your dollar. You’ll want to think about matching the quality and consistency within the rest of your home, while anticipating the basic needs of future buyers. A simple shared space, such as a large family room with a couple of bedrooms and bathroom adjacent is a great place to start. Turn things up a notch by adding a fireplace or built in bookshelves with an entertainment center. In this case, it’s all about the functional utility you create within the basement–and the more bathrooms and bedrooms your home has, the more desirable it is to potential buyers and the more it will be worth.

Adding Features Your Current Home Lacks

Living situations and typical family structures are changing. Kids are living with parents longer, aging parents and relatives are moving back in with their kids, and close friends are buying houses together. Few situations are “typical” and most change over time. Can your home handle the additional load? Basements create a great opportunity to divide your home into separate, but equally functional living areas. Finishing a basement basically gives the in-laws an entire wing of the house to themselves. It provides young adults a function place to live while bridging the gap of getting out on their own. We’re often consumed by the idea of basements strictly serving a recreational use, but in changing times finishing this space can be an affordable and logical solution.

Basements can also be the complete opposite, and we’ve built a few childhood dreams into reality. Bowling alleys, golf simulators, batting cages, gyms, saunas, home theaters, home breweries, prepper food storage, elegant wet bars, home offices, home classrooms, gaming meccas–the list is only limited by your imagination. Many see their basement as a space to create things they’ve never had before–but most of our clients understand that a basement’s true potential is bringing family together. There’s no right or wrong, and that’s what makes your custom design exciting.

We’re Here For You

If finishing your basement is something you’ve been thinking about, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide pricing along with design ideas. It’s time you experience why the Gazette has named Alpine Contracting Best of the Springs – Best Contactor three years in a row.

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