Luxury Bathroom

Staying ahead with the latest bathroom trends and products.

Recently, it seems we’ve taken decadence to the next level. We’ve completed some bathroom remodels that are truly awing – who knew I needed my bathroom to look like a work of art as I take care of business? Bringing the spa experience to the home is becoming one of the most popular remodeling indulgences for long-term homeowners. In this article, we’ll prepare for trends hitting bathrooms in 2022.

High Tech Toilets

To be honest, I’ve really embraced this revolution. Not so much all of the fancy bells and whistles – though those can be quite nice – but technology is bringing a much needed upgrade to a multiple-use-per-day fixture.

Pioneered by Japan, and embraced by many European countries, high tech toilets have really made a slow rise in the US. I blame it on the industrial toilet paper complex. From seat warmers, LED lights, automatic opening and closing lids, self-cleaning, pressure and temperature control – and many more features I’m clueless to – toilets no longer just flush.

The most practical upgrade to the toilet is water savings and bide options. Collectively, as a country, we need accept how much unneeded cost, energy, and resources go into toilet paper manufacturing. We also need to accept that cleaning up after a #2 with dry paper will not, and cannot, do as good of a job as a warm soaking. Save money, save trees, save air quality, and get clear while doing it.

Cooled Cabinetry

That’s a fancy way of saying built in mini-fridge. Yes, that’s right – in your bathroom. While I personally don’t get a craving for a juice box while using the bathroom, there may be a practical reason to install one of these for some of you.

Medication. Some medication, particularly insulin, needs to be stored in a cool place. For years, many people have used their refrigerator in the kitchen. This high traffic area often leads to contamination, spills, over-crowding, and accidents. A stand alone, small refrigerator to store non-food like items is actually a pretty smart and handy convenience.

Beauty products. Storing some lotions, potions, makeup, and other care products in a refrigerator will extend a product’s life. Further, many natural beauty products (think Goop) have fresh ingredients that spoil relatively quickly. Storing these items in their own refrigerator helps keep your bathroom tidy and extend their longevity. Okay, let’s not forget the juice boxes either… maybe wine.

Dual Shower Heads

People have been getting crazy with showers for a few years now. Body sprays, overhead rain style faucets, digital temperature control, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, Bluetooth speakers, TVs – yeah, it’s crazy. Now, the new trend is doubling up. Just as you have two sinks, a “his and hers”, people are enlarging their shows and installing two independent heads with individual controls. This allows significant others to save time in the morning, no taking turns or waiting for the shower. The dual heads and controls means no one is ever left out in the cold and can choose to scald themselves with hot water if they so choose. We think this little convenience may actually lead to more people being late in the morning, wink wink.

Free-Standing Tubs

Artistic, sculpture-esq free-standing tubs are all of the rage, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. It seems most luxury hotels are installing these everywhere, and the trend will continue into nicer bathrooms throughout homes. I’m not a bath guy, but I will admit that they visually striking. The bath becomes a prominent focal point and screams the finer things in life.

When done correctly, all supply lines come up through the floor and are hidden within the tub – this eliminates any eye sores. Like showers, these tubs can be equipped with technologies ranging from digital temperature control, automatic turn-on and turn-off features, chromotherapy, speakers, etc. Expect to see tubs in this category be released in a variety of new materials and shapes in the coming year.


Radiant heat in the floors, heated towel racks, and warming drawers are all an indication that you like to spoil yourself. Put your undies and hoodie in the warming drawer before getting in the shower. Step onto a nice warm floor and dry off with a hot towel. When you’re done, slip on some clothes that have been warming in a heated drawer. Yep, that’s one way the other half lives. Try it out during your next remodel.


Just as technology has invaded every other aspect of our lives, technology within the home is going to prominent for the next several years. When it comes to bathrooms, you’ll see many more TV screen inlaid behind mirrors, waterproof touch screens, and creature comforts you never knew you were missing out on. Personally, we like the functional upgrades and have been quite impressed with the new toilets coming out – but alas, this your dream bathroom! Contact one of our Project Managers today and we’ll make sure you don’t miss any must have products in your new bathroom remodel.