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A deck is no longer just a wood platform that connects your house to your backyard. It is a great place to entertain with family and friends. Your deck can be as simple as a landing with a spot for your grille and a set of stairs or an elaborate extension of your home. Allow Alpine Contracting the opportunity to show you the options of a fully covered deck with recessed lighting and built in firepit. If you’re after a custom cascading water wall with a fire-feature, a built in grille or just let your imagination run wild, we can help you design it and make your dreams come true.

Redwood & Cedar

Natural woods such as redwood and cedar are easily recognizable and known for their rich color and exceptional beauty. They can both last for years upon years with proper care and maintenance. These species of wood can be used for both the deckboards and handrail alike. The price point of this product is less than its composite counterpart, however, must be stained routinely to keep its luster and protect it from the elements. These decks are beautiful when new and maintained, however, can deteriorate quickly if not properly cared for.


Composite decking is a material composed of multiple plastic and artificial materials compressed in a factory and produced in a controlled environment. Improvements have been made over the years and there are many manufacturers that offer an array of colors and styles. They range from gray to brown and many colors in between. There are lines that manufacturers now offer that have a natural wood look as well as a multi-chromatic look. This optional decking material is not a “no-maintenance” but a low maintenance option.


When selecting the right handrail, many options are available. We can install individual wood or wrought iron balusters on a redwood or cedar deck. If you are considering a composite deck, you may want to think about having black metal handrail installed. We as well have a custom metal fabricator who will visit one on one with you to come up with a design and custom build a one of a kind handrail for your new deck.

Our Process – It’s The Little Things That Matter

Selecting your Contractor is a big decision and one you shouldn’t take lightly. We take our time with each of our Homeowners to ensure we understand the why behind the new deck. Whether we are removing an existing deck and rebuilding it or building a new one, the process we implement will be the same. Our experienced Craftsmen will take the time necessary to ensure your deck is one you will enjoy and have for years to come. Traditionally our decks are framed using pressure treated lumber unless a request is made by the Homeowner to do otherwise. We install a raised handrail to allow for easy snow removal. You will be communicated with from the days leading up to the start of the project all the way through completion and every step of the way.

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Colorado Springs Composite Decks

Over the last decade, choices for deck material have grown dramatically. In the past, you had one choice: wood. Then you had to decide on which species of wood. Now, there’s a wide variety of composites, synthetics, treatments, species, and even aluminum. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences and what we believe is best suited to withstand Colorado weather.

As anyone who has navigated the potholes of Colorado roads, you quickly begin to understand the impact changing weather has on our building materials. While warm winter days reaching into the mid 60s in Colorado Springs is a selling point, each year we also await the exciting prospect of a white Christmas and snow days filled with sledding for the kids. These drastic changes in temperatures wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. As explained in our article of blowing out your sprinkling system, expansion and contraction due to continual freezing and thawing exposes materials to tremendous force. If roads made of concrete and tar are buckling and splitting under the pressure, imagine what is happening to the wood of your deck.

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