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Composite Deck Colorado Springs

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Colorado’s climate is uniquely positioned to destroy traditional decks very quickly. Between UV damage, Colorado experiencing 330 days of sun each year, and our hostile freeze and thaw periods extending from October to May – unmaintained wood exposed to these elements splinters, warps, and disintegrates in a few short seasons. Looking for a better solution and a way to save money in the long run? Consider composite decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

Commonly known as Trex, TimberTech, NewTechWood, Fiberon, Fortress, or Deckorators – these brands offer synthetic wood alternatives. Each has their own blend and priorities, some better for certain jobs than others, but generally speaking they are all made of wood fibers, recycled plastics, and resin. These materials are compressed together to create boards in the sizes of traditional lumber. The advantage is that these composite boards are much more durable than typical wood, they’re waterproof, and UV resistant.

Maintenance of Composite Decking?

If installed properly, composite decks are virtually maintenance free. They’re designed and developed to last for years – a lifetime in certain applications. Because these products are engineered, they come pre-configured in a variety of colors, gains, and textures. Once installed, this means no more yearly painting or staining your deck. Simply power wash once or twice a year to keep it looking brand new.

Composite decking is also highly durable. This means the material won’t breakdown under typical traffic and wear and tear. These composites compare to some of the toughest hardwoods and deserve to be in a class of their own, falling closer to the durability of aluminum than redwood.

Why Does Composite Decking Survive The Weather?

Simply put, composite decking is impermeable. Because water doesn’t absorb or enter its fibers, composite decking isn’t subject to continual swelling and shrinking. More importantly, because composite decking is impermeable, it isn’t subject to water expanding during freezing. Repeated freezing and thawing is what causes havoc to Colorado’s roads and devastates untreated wood in a few short seasons.

Further, composite decking is engineered to perform well under constant UV exposure. Some slight color fading may occur over time, but the structure and integrity of the board remains intact. By solving these three key issues – waterproofing, UV resistance, and rugged durability – composite decking is poised to survive extremely well in Colorado weather.

What Styling Choices Do I Have?

Typically, we’re traditionalists. We like the look and feel of natural wood. However, the benefits of composite decking drastically contrasts the redwood decks we grew up building. Composite materials have also come a long way since they were first implemented a couple of decades ago. At this point, imagination is basically your only restriction when it comes to color and style.

For the longest time, composite materials strived to mimic natural woods. To be honest, most of them are doing a pretty good job at it now. From a distance, some composites decks are indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. It’s not until you get close and touch the material do you feel a difference. Being an engineered material, people are beginning to realize that they can get these products in virtually any color, shape, and texture. This is leading to some really wild and unique deck creations never before considered.

What’s The Cost of Composite Decking?

Compared to a traditional redwood deck, composite decks typically cost 3x more. With the recent lumber and building material shortage, these numbers have narrowed at times. Typically, composites decks require no additional labor. The cost of actually building the deck remains the same ¬– the extra material is purely because the product is more expensive.

For homeowners improving their forever home, composite decking is becoming the logical choice. They save money in the long run – and for most of them, the extremely low maintenance is a key feature. No more replacing warped boards or rails every few years – also, no more painting, scaping, or sealing every spring.


For our customers in Colorado Springs, we strongly recommend composite decking over traditional wood. With all of the benefits of composite decking, compounded with the time saved each year maintaining a traditional deck, this new material just leads to a drastically better experience. If you’re considering a composite deck in the Colorado Springs area, give us a call for a free quote. One of our Project Managers would have happy to discuss the process and come up with creative solutions to make the project uniquely your own.

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