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Here’s Which Rooms Benefit The Most From Carpet

When remodeling, most homeowners love upgrading features throughout their home. When it comes to flooring, most of clients opt for site-finished hardwood and tile. However, carpet still has a place and purpose. In this article, we’ll recommend a few rooms that benefit from carpet flooring, and a few that don’t.

Carpet Styles

Carpet comes in a variety of materials and finishes, and it’s important that you choose the proper one for your specific needs. When selecting carpet for certain rooms, rather than carpet being the primary flooring material for the entire home, it is much easier to mix and match according to the need of the room.

Keep in mind that there is no “industry standard” when it comes to gauging the quality of a carpet. Manufacturers interject quite a bit of marketing and exaggeration into their claims. With that said, examining samples in real life with your own fingers and eyes is the best judge. Be sure to consider the weight and density of the samples – generally, the heavier and more dense the carpet, the higher the quality. This means more fibers are present and packed together per square foot.

Nylon is the most popular material that carpeting is constructed from, and it comes in loop pile or cut pile. Loop pile tends to be more durable, stain resistance, and holds up better in high traffic areas. Cut pile tends to be denser, softer, and richer to the touch. Again, it’s important that judge for yourself with real-life samples and understand what you're trying to accomplish within the room.

Family Rooms

Carpeting in family rooms – not necessarily the main living room – can be a great choice, especially if entertaining a wide range of ages. Choosing a soft, warm carpet is pleasant for children to play on or when spreading out on the floor for family game night. Family rooms and rec rooms typically see less traffic than a living room, and they perform multiple uses beyond casual socializing and tv. A plush carpet is inviting, encourages people to take their shoes off, and get down on the floor for play time.

Child Bedrooms

Children tend to be on the floor way more than adults. From learning how to walk and most of their life revolving around toys – children are constantly bouncing off of the floor. In our opinion, this is where carpet flooring is most beneficial. A soft carpet with thick pad will make long hours playing on the floor much more pleasant and safe.

It should be noted that kids spill. A lot. This, obviously, is tough on any carpet – even ones that claim to be stain resistant. Young children are going to be hard on any flooring, and with that, we encourage you to set the proper expectations. Carpet will not last forever and plan on replacing carpeting at least once a decade.

Home Theaters

We like carpeting in home theaters primarily because of its sound absorption qualities. Choosing a plush carpet with a thick pad generally makes for a better theater experience. Beyond that, the aesthetics of fuzzy carpet are inviting. It’s a cozy material, encouraging comfort and warmth within the room. A home theater is all about creating an atmosphere, and unlike commercial theaters concerned with spills and sticky floors, home theaters beg for bare feet and comfort.

Where Not To Install Carpet

In short, any place that has a chance of being wet. We strongly discourage carpeting at exterior entries, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Carpet is a poor choice in any areas that are susceptible to a mess. Also, be mindful of traffic. Carpet does not hold up well in common foot paths or in places where furniture is often moved.

Also, when installing carpet, be mindful of aging family members or those with accessibility needs. Carpet, especially the softer and plusher, can act as a trip hazard or be extremely difficult to navigate in crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.


While we tend to focus on premier hardwood and tile when upgrading flooring throughout our home, carpet still has its place in some circumstances. When embarking upon a custom renovation, it’s important to thoughtfully consider how you intend on using each room, rather than instinctually going after the most prestigious material on the market. A successful remodel is all about meeting needs – and if you need help, we’ve picked up a few best practices along the way. Give us a call when it comes time to choose your next flooring.

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