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Different Flooring Options to Consider

Flooring is more than a walkway, it plays a vital role in every home. It can bring a sense of elegance and warmth to a room while providing proper protection at the same time. Here are a few of the most common flooring products to consider for your next project:

Site-Finished Hardwood

There are very few options that are as timeless as natural hardwood. While the cost associated with the initial installation and routine maintenance may discourage some Homeowners, the ageless look and feel make up for it in so many areas. Natural hardwood comes in many different species of wood with different levels of hardness associated with each. The options are great with this product in regards to the width of the planks and stain choices.

Engineered Hardwood

This flooring option is great option that has been on the rise since the mid 2000's. The industry has made enormous advances over the past few years in how the product is produced. This product generally has a thin layer of solid wood followed by a single to multiple layers of plywood. If looking from the side, there are multiple layers of wood with the exception of a product where sawdust is pressurized to provide stability and produce an engineered hardwood product, both are considered engineered hardwood. These options make the product more affordable and have the ability to go in to areas where the moisture content has the possibility of being higher such as basements. It comes in varying lengths, widths and an array of stain colors as well as provides a more affordable up front material cost.


Vinyl has changed over the years and has become an attractive option for someone looking for a way to keep the dirt and mess to a minimum. It can easily be swept to help control the allergens. With very little maintenance, this may be a great option for the avid pet lover.

Luxury Vinyl (aka LVT or luxury vinyl plank)- Luxury vinyl in today's market offers some of the widest array of textures from smooth to distressed. They are known for their water resistant properties and broad selection. If you're looking for an alternative product, but like the rich color of wood or the natural beauty of stone, luxury vinyl may be the right choice.


Tile is what most people think of when they think of their bathroom. While some tile is meant primarily for the bathroom, there are many new and exciting tiles that have made their way out to the market for all of the other areas in your home. Tile now comes is a multitude of shapes and sizes. Whether you're interested in the traditional square tile or the longer rectangular tile, consider having them brick-set. There are so many warm earth-tone tiles out there that can be broken up with an accent border that would easily demand attention in any room. Tile no longer has to be impersonal and boring.


Carpet is the most common floor covering used in every home across the Nation. Not all carpet is created equal. There are many factors that contribute to your investment besides the color of the carpet. Pending the time you are planning to leave the carpet in and traffic pattern, this should dictate the quality and type of carpet you select. As important as the carpet, if not more important than the carpet is the quality of pad is rests on. Many styles, quality and price ranges are available to fit most every remodeling need. A high quality carpet that is well cared for can last years and years.

Site-Finished Hardwood Installer Colorado Springs

The two main types of hardwood floors found in Colorado Springs are site-finished and pre-finished. In this article we’ll be discussing site-finished hardwood and why you may want to choose this material for the flooring of your home.

Site-finished hardwood is the traditional method of installing hardwood floors. Prior to the advent of pre-finished, or engineered hardwood, site-finished is how every home received its hardwood. It’s classic, timeless, and what you would expect to see in Victorian or high-end custom homes. Pre-finished hardwood has come a long way in the recent decade, and may be the smartest choice when it comes to a renovation, but there is no substitute when site-finished hardwood is installed correctly.

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