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Alpine Contracting Knows The Most Important Things You Need For Your Home Theater, Plus Why It’s Worth The Investment

Having a home theater is a simple enough idea, one might say. However, what does it take to make that dream become a reality? The truth is, there is no short answer. A home theater can be as simple as adding some A/V equipment in your living room, to remodeling an entire basement to look like the movie theater of your dreams.

So, what are the most important things when considering your own home theater? We at Alpine Contracting want to help make your home movie experience fit your lifestyle and needs.

What You See and Hear Is Number One

The two most important things when designing your dream home theater is its audio and visual. Surprise, right? You guessed it.

You are going to want to take into consideration the space you are investing to know the best options for you. Are you looking to install a projector and screen, a curved TV, 8k 120 inch LED, or many other options? Will you need a sound bar, or does your space allow a complete surround sound system? Don’t worry, Alpine Contracting can help walk you through this process. Our expert trades want nothing but the best for our clients, and will explain the science behind the acoustic and visual characteristics of your room.

Our goal is to emerge you into the movie experience with every film. We want you to feel the rumble of every explosion in your favorite action movie, and see the tears fall from the stars in your favorite romantic comedy in such clear vision it gives you chills. In order to do this, we will need to understand the acoustics properties and visual allowances of your space. This is what makes or breaks a theater.

When building a dedicated home theater (a room designed solely for the cinematic experience) or an open concept family room, we give careful consideration to your needs from the moment we do your job walk. We want to make sure the placement of the screen gives viewers the most versatility, and the shape of the room allows sounds to resonate with clarity. We want to make sure that the furniture and decor you pick is positioned in just the right place for best experience. We want your speakers to fit your room size, not overbearing nor too small, to provide the most rich and fulfilling sound.

Your home theater should be a place to escape into a different reality, and make memories with the ones you love. Every dream is a little different and unique, but with our help it can become a reality.

Increasing Value Never Goes Out Of Style

By adding a home theater, you just upgraded the value of your home. Every time you watch a movie or big sporting event, you have the best ticket a person could ask for–in the comfort of your own home. You, personally, are able to create a space to be exactly how you want it–but don't forget about the snacks! Just like the concession stand; equip your theater room to include a built-in wet bar, popcorn machine, or fridge for endless options.

You’ve Earned The Control

When you have your very own home theater, you are in control. No longer wait in lines at the megaplex to be charged a fortune for a ticket, only to finally find your seats and then be annoyed by some couple talking behind you through the whole move. Your theater, your rules. You control the environment. No more freezing cold auditoriums–no more guessing when the last time the seats or cupholders were cleaned. As the King and Queen of your Home Theater, will you decree no phones so you and your family can have quality time? Maybe you'll instate a pj's only dress code. It's up to you–maybe you are the couple that talk through the movie? Well, talk away. You can enjoy the movie on your terms–your way–with no hassle.

Other Uses

Welcome to the digital age of living! Are you ready to take your video gaming to a whole new level? Maybe you just want to watch all your Netflix favorites with the full movie going experience. I, for one, think that it is a must! Hosting events can now become extravaganzas. Invite all the people you love and watch the Bachelor finale together–just don't forget the wine. The Super Bowl or NHL Playoffs will never be the same.

Movie marathons, sporting events, and themed Oscar parties. Think outside the box and contact Alpine Contracting to get the most out of your amazing new home theater space.

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