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Bringing Home Theater Home

There's nothing like experiencing your favorite movie on the big screen as the sound engulfs you and brings the movie to life. Bringing the art of cinema to your home can soon be more than a dream. Your home theater should provide two things, high quality video and immersive audio in the privacy of your own home. Home theater options have become more affordable throughout the years and we're here to help show you how.

Home Theater Design

From the open room with a screen concept to a dedicated home theater room, the options are endless. Whether you're considering converting an existing room or building a new room for your home theater, space is key. You will need to consider the amount of space you have to work with which will dictate the size of screen and seating arrangement to provide you with that theater like experience. The location of your audio / video equipment and how much natural light coming in will as well play an important role in the overall design.

Planning For The Addition Of Your Home Theater

For a genuine home theater experience, you will need to be prepared for the construction process. There are many trades involved in making your dreams a reality. The core of your home theater is your screen, with the addition of your projector and audio equipment. To have that finished look, wires will be run in the wall, drywall will be repaired, lighting will need to be addressed, painting will be completed, floor coverings will be installed and any additional details that make it your own like curtains or soffit lighting to give it that personal touch will be completed.

Answering Your Home Theater Questions

How much space do I need? How much room between my screen and my seats for optimum viewing? How far should my speakers be apart? In-wall or floor standing speakers? These are all important questions. As important as the equipment you're installing, the layout and installation itself are equally important. Imagine enjoying dinner and a movie any time you want to. We can help turn those dreams into a reality. Let us bring the theater experience home.

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