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2022 Kitchen Trends

Styles and innovations to look forward to in the coming year.

In the building world, styles tend to morph like fashion. Certain themes, materials, and innovations capture the culture and seem to seen in every magazine or television show. In this article we’ve compiled a few of our favorite kitchen elements that we think you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022.

Eclectic – Incorporating Vintage and Antiques

While blending the old with the new used to be something reserved for hipsters, this trend is becoming popular because currently it is very practical. Given our moment in time, with supply chain issues and accessibility to products and materials, scarcity is a real struggle for those remodeling and renovating. However, with a little bit of creativity, homeowners are able to repurpose many vintage fixtures and fittings into a stunning modern kitchen.

Keep on the lookout for:

  • Vintage light fixtures
  • Vintage hardware such as knobs, handles, and hinges for cabinetry
  • Farmhouse kitchen tables
  • Beautiful wooden dressers or armoire that can replace cabinetry
  • Open shelving that can replace pieces of cupboards

Glazed Tile Backsplashes

Tiled backsplashes are nothing new, but the trend is moving from matte tiles toward glazed. While this is mainly a style feature and up to personal taste, glazed tile will be much easier to clean than matte tile. This especially important near cooking areas or sinks. Also, glazed tile reflects light like a mirror. It will really brighten up your kitchen, and aid in prep and cooking as the chef will be able to better see.

Grow Rooms

Growing your own greens and herbs is new hobby picked up by many during the pandemic. Not only is it safe and healthy, but it’s a project that you can take pride in. Grow rooms are now the new wine fridges – every up-end kitchen getting them.

Traditional oversized window boxes are still a solid choice for growing a few herbs. However, for those who are serious, a pantry sized enclosed grow room is the way to go. Weather sealed and tiled walls with sliding glass doors for access and admiration allows you to control the temperature and humidity. UV lights and even hydroponic system can be incorporated. For those wanting the freshest greens, vegetables, and herbs within arm’s reach – without hassle and maintenance of a full-sized garden in your yard (or perhaps you don’t have a yard) – kitchen grow rooms are becoming a very attractive feature.

Artistic Metal Hoods

While convenient, microwaves are an eye sore. No longer are you seeing them mounted above stoves, especially in custom kitchens. Homeowners are now moving toward metal hoods that make a statement, and we feel this will continue to be one of the biggest trends moving into 2022.

Aesthetically, adding a striking canopy to a kitchen stove interrupts the shape and sculpture of all repeated linear lines created by cabinets. With a few decorative accents, large hoods act the same way fireplaces with large mantles do in a living room. This is the focal point.

Layered Lighting

Can lights are great – they do their job well. However, this style can be overdone and become boring. Draping some fixtures that hang down above prep area or bar seating can be a nice touch. The same goes for your kitchen table. Remember that you can mix and match these features, incorporating some vintage fixtures you picked up from the Round Rock antique show with new designs.

Bold Colors

Painted kitchens are quickly becoming a cost effective and practical solution during supply shortages. Simply changing the color of your kitchen, and doing so in bold ways, will completely transform its feel. Refreshing tired, old oak cabinets in cyan and a pantry bump out in purple or orange creates a prominent statement. The color will make the space feel new and compliment the new appliances that you able to get your hands on. Further, if you went a little too bold and you don’t like it – you can always paint it a different color.

Glass Partitions

The open concept, free flowing space between kitchens and living rooms has dominated the home building industry now for decades. It’s great being able to entertain or include the entire family in the conversation – those cooking or watching TV aren’t left out. However, in many upscale remodels, we’re now having clients choosing to separate these spaces with glass partitions.

Basically, this gives the best of both worlds. The glass can be opened up like a window, or even retracted like an accordion to one side of the room. This allows people privacy when they want it, or limit some of the noise and bustle for more private conversations. People can get rowdy and watch the game in the living room, while the cooks and other guests can talk and catch up in the kitchen. Everyone can still see each other and feel like they’re part of the party. Did we mention that glass partitions are extremely attractive? Nothing speaks volumes of custom and unique indulgence as this kitchen feature.


Technologically speaking, the industry may slow down in 2022. Microchips are hard to come by, logistics are still difficult, and people are watching their dollar a little more closely. But that doesn’t lessen the desire of homeowners wanting to remodel and freshen up their kitchens. 2022 will be about creativity – repurposing materials and items and using them in a new way. Frankly, we’re kind of excited for this change and looking forward to what people come up with. With patience, Alpine Contracting can still complete all projects and deliver stunning results. Call us today and we’ll make your 2022 dream kitchen a reality.

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