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Deck with Pergola

We see beautiful Pergolas driving around town or even pictures online, but when does it make sense for your own home?

I have done the digging for you and have a simple answer. Are you looking to increase your outdoor living space? Are you looking to create a defined area in your backyard to entertain? Are you looking to add shade to enjoy more sunny days outside this summer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the answer is yes! It is worth it.

Homeowners are always looking for ways to maximize their living space and increase the value of their home. With today’s market in Colorado Springs on the rise, we want to help you with a few ideas. We talk a lot about your Basement being a great way to add functional square footage to your home but that is not the only way. When you add a Pergola to your backyard you can accomplish the same thing. Keep in mind Pergolas can be free standing or added to a deck / patio. This allows you the freedom to do what is best for your backyard. They can be customized depending on how elaborate your vison is. Not only are they versatile in size but color and material as well. This will be an upgrade that will leave your home with a sophisticated style sure to have visual appeal to please guest or even home buyers if your home is on the market.

Entertaining can look a little different for each family. Your back yard might be your outdoor Living Room used as a place to gather in deep conversation, play games, or sit around the firepit. It could also be used as your outdoor Kitchen if you love to grill. Regardless of your families’ traditions having a designated functional space in your backyard to entertain makes each guest feel welcomed. When you have a defined entertaining area, there are conveniences that bring your indoors out. Features such as space heaters, lighting and sound systems create an ambiance that can help leave every worry behind. This is a place where you're able to slow down, relax and take it all in.

Now that spring and summer are rolling around, more time will be spent outside. Why not make your backyard a private get-a-way. We know that as our elevation in Colorado Springs is so high a little bit of sun goes a long way. Pergolas are designed to provide relief from the sunlight while allowing air to circulate freely. They are also amazing for all you plant lovers out there. This idea leaves more space to hang plants or picking your favorite vine to create a natural ceiling intertwining though the boards. This is a project that will completely enhance your outdoor living experience.

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