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How do I keep myself busy? What are we supposed to do to help keep the stress and anxiety at bay? How are we supposed to adapt to working from home?

These are all questions we are asking ourselves as our lives and the globe changes rapidly. Below are a few ideas to help keep you stay sane and calm your inner storm during the pandemic.

Clean up your act... without dusting?

Since more time will be spent at home now is the perfect time to change out your air filters in your home furnace. Don’t know how? Look it up on YouTube! We believe in you and in learning new things during this time. You will be shocked at how clean the air will feel once you are done. Plus, checking something off your to-do list never felt better. Change air filter for home furnace… Check!

Speaking of lists… Get out your pen and paper and get started

I know that handwritten lists are old school, something your little grandma used to do, but look at all the things she always accomplished! Grandma knew a thing or two, let me tell you. Write out all your to-dos, and each day pick a few things and check them off of the list. Here are some ideas but I’m sure you can think of even more:

  • Call a family member to check up on them
  • Stay healthy by eating healthy
  • Start a garden. Even potted plants on a patio can yeild a healthy harvest and be a great hobby
  • Invest in house plants. They will brighten your mood, and watering provides a useful and meaningful daily task.
  • Clean out closests and organize. Create donation boxes that you can drop off once lockdown restrictions ease.

Let's take this gift of time and accomplish some tasks you may have been procrastinating. Personally, I like to take a look back on my day and see all the items checked off of my list–it's rewarding to see all that I've accomplished. The busier that I am, the less time I have to feel stressed and anxious.

Choose you … Just breathe

Staying busy doesn’t always have to be a daunting or pragmatic task. Schedule time to work on you. Taking a few moments to just sit and really focus on your breathing can help ease stress and anxiety. 10-20 seconds of dedicated, undistracted breathing will condition your brain to focus–and in turn you will gain perspective. I know it seems simple, but if we don’t take the time to pause and re-center, we know what stress and anxiety leads to... yep, you guessed it, more stress and anxiety. You can even download an app to help you get into the swing of things. I use one called Calm.

Don’t stop at breathing! Get outside and take a walk. Vitamin D is essential to your immune system and mental health. Getting outside for some fresh air, especially if you are working from home, can help you reset and get focused again.


Now that working from home is taking on a new norm for so many people, Alpine Contracting would love to help create an environment that allows you accomplish all that you can. Having a quiet place to work, and brightening up your workspace will have a termendous impact upon your productivity. Organize and become efficient with built in shelving, more electrical outlets, A/V upgrades and cable management, and so much more.

Our goal is to help make life easier and more fulfilling. If you can dream it, we can build it. The struggles we're facing will pass, but we want you to know that we are in it together. Please contact us if you need assistance during this time. We'll do our best to help directly, our guild you toward the people who can.

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