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Let’s face it, Coloradoans have a tenacious spirit of solving our own problems. However, we’re also inodiated with modern life. As El Paso county grows, sprawling eastward along Woodmen to Meridian Ranch, south to Security and Fountain, and up to the massive expansion off of Interquest and North Gate, our tiny community is becoming a metropolitan mecca. With all of the recent construction, countless contractors have flooded Colorado Springs. How can you tell the difference between the good and bad, and what are the benefits of hiring a quality contractor?

First, and foremost, your projects will get done! We all have that “honey, do-list” that just seems to keep growing. The longer the list gets, the more insurmountable it feels, and the more likely I am to turn on Netflix! Hiring a quality contactor ensures completion of your new flooring or bathroom and helps lighten the load. As a bonus, the more projects that aren’t sitting half undone, the more serenity within the home. It’s like that extra scoop of ice cream you got as a kid because you took out the trash without being told—your family will thank you.

Do It Yourself

Bigger projects require more moving parts and require technical skills. Finishing your own basement may seem straightforward, “Oh, I can handle that.” Every spouse has heard those famous last words! And sometimes you can—but most do-it-yourselfers seem to underestimate the time commitment involved.

Hiring trades on your own that specialize in plumbing, electrical, or HVAC, and trying to manage these people present its own problems. Are you versed in regional building code and safety standards? When one of these trades says their job is complete, can you actually verify that it has been done correctly? It’s our experience that because trades are so overbooked, and trying to cut costs and corners, quality can suffer greatly.

At Alpine Contracting, we’ve hand selected the craftsman who work on your home. We’ve been partnering with these individuals for years, we have a relationship with them and our expectations are clear. We get the best pricing because we offer them consistency—something a one-time project from a homeowner can’t compete with.

Choosing The Right Contractor

Construction and building contractors in Colorado Springs are a dime a dozen—they come and go weekly. We’ve heard all of the horror stories, and I’m sure you have, as well. Some contractor ripped you off—they did a bad job, didn’t show up, the pricing was wrong and they hit you with a bunch “change orders” causing the final bill to skyrocket, the schedule was totally blown and they took way too long finish, or simply stole your money and never showed up or finished the job. These tactics are disturbing and terrifying. We, at Alpine Contracting, are professional project managers.

Named Best of the Springs by the Gazette three years in a row—2018, 2019, and 2020—we’ve earned a stellar reputation in Colorado Springs. We’re so proud to have become a fixture that our local community turns to when they’re looking for a renovation, addition, or remodel. We beautify and optimize commercial space, we reinvigorate municipal buildings, we bring your home to life. Most important, we listen.

When Hiring A Quality Contactor, What Are You Actually Paying For?

Quality. You want the job done right. You’re paying for experience, an eye for detail, suggestions on new products and materials, and accents and techniques beyond standard production.

Safety. This is your home. Your family sleeps here. You’re paying for a service to ensure all building codes and safety measures are met to protect your loved ones and investment.

Time. Allowing Alpine Contracting to schedule and manage all of the work is a considerable relief of time on your end. How better could you spend it? Also, quality contractors complete your projects faster—this means less disruption within your home. We implement tight schedules and expect our trades to adhere to them.

Overhead. It costs a lot of money to build things—tools, equipment, material. Do you own or have access to all of these things? A quality contractor also has a place of business—an office other than their truck—along with a staff and typical operating costs of running a business.

We’ve come across an article that may help you better understand the importance and costs associated when hiring a contractor. How Much Should A Contractor Charge?

Colorado Springs Best Choice For Renovation

Obviously, we’re bias. We would love the opportunity to bid and talk with you about your kitchen or bathroom remodel, however, we still hope that you found this information valuable. The key takeaway when hiring work beyond your ability or desire—hire a legitimate business. Hire a company who cares about you, their reputation, and that has a form of quality control.

As always, contact us for a free estimate. One of our project managers would be happy to discuss your vision, and help you see it through.

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