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Top 10 Basement Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Your Home's Functionality

Finished basement with stone fireplace and a TV mounted above it.


Wondering what to use your Basement space for? Top 10 ideas to maximize the functionality of your home.


Does your basement seem to just be used for extra storage? Is the space wasted and not utilized as best as it could be? What is your house lacking to fit your lifestyle? An unfinished basement is a perfect location to make your wildest dreams come true. Let’s get the most out of this space and create an area where your family and friends will love to gather. Here are 10 ideas of what to do with your basement.


1. Bedrooms


Adding bedrooms to your home a great option if you are looking to have more kids or frequently host guests. Having a place where your company feels welcomed and at home is a huge benefit. With extra bedroom space in your basement remodel you can change up styling, creating a different experience in each room–Victorian, rustic, or even contemporary. Whether you are looking to add a couple bedrooms, or if you are looking to do a secondary master bedroom suite complete with a bathroom, bedrooms are a great way to utilize basement space.


2. Playroom & Schoolroom


Do you have kids to entertain and not enough space for them to play or store all the toys to make it all happen? Having a designated space for all the activities and chaos will help the overall organization of your home. A playroom can be as creative or simple as you want to make it. With the rise of remoting learning, this space could also be combined as an in-home schoolroom. Include your children in the design, allow them to help pick a theme to make it fun. This makes the space uniquely theirs and encourages them to take care of it. Most importantly with playrooms, we can design creative storage spaces to help keep the madness under wraps.


3. Laundry


Creating a laundry room in the basement allows you to better prioritize the main level of your home. That can mean a bigger living room or an oversized kitchen for those family dinners. We all know a laundry room is a necessity, but relocating it can help the functionality of the home. By moving it to the basement, we also make this space a little bit bigger. Creating a laundry room with extra storage, slop sink for soaking and spills, and a well-thought-out ironing table can make a day of chores much easier.


4. Home Office


As working from home is becoming the new norm, we’re quickly understanding the need for an acceptable space to actually do work. A quiet place to take conference calls and Zoom meetings, not to mention a spot to focus is proving to be invaluable. Having a designated home office also allows you to create boundaries for your mental health by separating work life from home life. Working from the kitchen table or from the couch makes it difficult to transition into being a parent or significant other, rather than always staying in office mode. With a home office, you can put your work hat on when you enter and take it off when you leave–not to mention the shear functionality of having a proper place to store all of your office necessities.


5. Library & Listening Room


On Saturday afternoons do you like to curl up with a good book by a fireplace and a cozy blanket? Perhaps flip on the turntable and put on a jazz record? If so, a home library and listening room could be a great addition to your home. This space is not only perfect to store a vast collection but is also an inspired spot for you to get away—a dedicated space to relax, and just enjoy the moment. A library will keep your collection safe, organized, and allow the room for you to continue to add to it. A little thought dedicated to acoustic treatment and sophisticated design will transform a typical room into a refined retreat. It’s your story to tell, we just want to help turn that vision into a reality for you and your family.


6. Home Gym


Health and fitness are important for everyone, some just take it a bit more seriously. A home gym would allow you to workout whenever and however you want, with all of the essential equipment in the comfort of your own home. By installing the correct flooring, mirrors, and sounds system–along with the finer details such as beefed up backing within the walls and ceiling to mount and hang heavy equipment–you’ll have all the gear you need to keep you pumped and motivated. Don’t neglect the digital age, with advent of Zwift, Peloton, and Netflix, mounting a large TV in your home gym is just as important a rack.


7. Billiard Room


Can you splurge and create a special place solely for entertaining? Billiard rooms are a crowd favorite and can be uniquely design around the games you are into. This is where you can be creative and think outside the box–shuffle board, bowling, skee-ball, ping pong, pool, poker, darts, arcade machines, virtual reality, golf simulators… You get it, but don’t neglect the dramatic effects. A stained coffer boxed ceiling with a stone accent wall will demand attention, add some inlaid LED lighting for ambiance. The possibilities are almost limitless, and this is an opportunity to truly get creative.


8. Wet Bar


Here is to a decluttering the kitchen and having all your favorite vices in one location. Pull up to the bar in a space that is perfect to entertain your guests. Whatever your beverage preference, a wet bar can be customized and designed specifically to suit it. An attached rock wine cellar for reds and wine refrigerator whites. Maybe you prefer ale and demand a selection of homebrews on tap? Create that perfect wet bar with rich cabinets, beautiful natural stone countertops, and an undermount sink. Don’t forget an ice machine, dishwasher, and plenty of outlets for blenders. Surround it all with a beautiful tile backsplash, built in glass liquor storage, accent lighting and suddenly you have a spot primed for great entertaining.


9. Home Theater


Looking to take your movie going experience to a whole new level by having a designated home theater? You won’t be disappointed on family nights, date nights, or watching sporting events. Whether it’s a large flat screen or a larger than life projection TV, turn that dark unfinished corner of the Basement into an exciting entertaining experience! The way we consume movies and media is evolving, traditional blockbuster releases are now available day one on-demand within your home and having the space and equipment to handle it is game changing. And don’t forget about video games–this industry is now bigger than movies and sports combined (wow!). Many hours are spent consuming screened media, a room dedicated to only makes sense.


10. Family Room


Family time is such an incredible thing. Having space where the entire family can get together to hang out on big couches, play games, read or even just watch a movie together won’t go to waste. A large, multi-purpose family room is a classic space that never goes out of style. Designs can be crafted specifically to you, prioritizing storage, wired for an array of electronics, or adding a bathroom. Generally left as a large, open design, family rooms have the ability to change as your family and interests change.

At Alpine Contracting, our number one goal is to create a beautiful space that is functional and enjoyable for you and your family–that best suits your particular needs. With a decade of experience in finishing basements throughout Colorado Springs, we would love to discuss all the options available and how we can help turn your dreams into reality. Give us a call today.

Alpine Contracting
29 December 2023