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Home Theater Design & Completion

Alpine Contracting: Your Reliable Home Theater Specialists in Colorado Springs

Experience the Magic of Cinema at Home

Imagine the thrill of watching your favorite film in a high-quality, immersive audio-visual setting, right in the comfort of your own home. With Alpine Contracting, this dream can become a reality. Home theater systems have become increasingly affordable, and we're here to guide you through the process.

Designing Your Home Theater

Home theaters can range from a simple setup in an open room to a dedicated theater room. The key to a successful design is considering the space available. This will determine the screen size and seating layout, ensuring a genuine cinematic experience. The placement of your audio/video equipment and the amount of natural light will also significantly impact the overall design.

Planning Your Home Theater Installation

A true home theater experience involves careful planning and construction, with a mind geared toward acoustic treatment. Several trades are involved in bringing your vision to life. The heart of your home theater is the screen, complemented by your projector and audio equipment. For a polished look, wires will be concealed within the walls, lighting will be installed, and the space will be painted. Floor coverings, curtains, and special features like soffit lighting will be added for a personalized touch.

Key Considerations for Home Theater:

  • Space available for the theater
  • Distance between screen and seating for optimal viewing
  • Speaker placement and type (in-wall or floor standing)
  • Acoustic treatment: sound proofing and enhancement
  • Lighting and control of natural light
  • Concealment of wires and equipment
  • Personalization features like curtains or special lighting

Answering Your Home Theater Queries

How much space do you need? What's the ideal distance between your screen and seats? How far apart should your speakers be? These are critical questions, and we're here to help answer them. The layout and installation are just as important as the equipment you choose. With our help, you can enjoy a movie night at home whenever you desire.

Get in touch with us today via call or email to discuss your home theater plans with our team.


Carpet is usually the best choice in home theaters to mitigate sound.

Screen Size

Screen size is directly related to room size and seating. Let us help formulate a plan.

Acoustic Treatment

The core to any theater setup is its acoustic treatment. Pristine sound that doesn't disturb the rest of your home.

Built-In Shelves

From literature, albums, and films – every home could benefit from a library. Built-in units are perfect for collections and sophisticated displays.

The details count

And so do our Clients

"This was my first time asking a contractor to complete a project in my house, and I was quite concerned about it - given the horror stories you hear. None of that happened with these guys. All of their people were great and polite and did wonderful work in my house. I can absolutely recommend to anyone that they give these folks a try. They are not the cheapest contractors you will find. But I think those horror stories come from people getting what they pay for... The work Alpine Contracting performed for me was worth every penny!"

–S. Seabaugh, Client & Homeowner

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