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LVT Flooring - Commercial Office Space

LVT flooring has distinct pros and cons. Make sure to fully understand the product before installing it on your next renovation.

There’s a few key elements to consider when choosing flooring. First, is it a high traffic area? Next, will the floor be exposed to moisture? Will the floor continually be exposed to sunlight? For many, the way a floor looks and feels is a primary factor. Lastly, the flooring must fit within your budget. With choices ranging from concrete, hardwood, tile, carpet, and vinyl – how do you know what’s best for your renovation? In this article we’ll explore LVT flooring, along with its pros and cons.

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River Rock Landscaping

Which is the best choice for your new landscaping project?

Finishing your landscaping project with river rock or mulch gives your yard a clean and polished look. However, both materials serve specific purposes and are suited for different areas of your yard. In this article we’ll compare and contrast both materials and provide suggestions on where to use them.

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Worth of Lumber

Here’s why lumber is costing you so much.

The last few months have led to many of us scratching out heads. From spring of 2020 to spring of 2021 the cost of lumber has increased to all-time highs. Why? Well, there’s several big reasons all coming together at the same time.

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We’re Proud To Premiere Our New Commercial Featuring Grant Goodeve

We have some fun news to share at Alpine Contracting – our brand new, 2-minute commercial! We’re excited to showcase a bit of our work – to give the public an idea of ways that we can transform their living spaces. We’re also excited to be featuring our own clients. That’s right – every person appearing in this short video is a part of the Alpine Contracting family.

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Colorado Springs composite handrail

Looking to enhance the look and secure your deck, patio, or porch? In this article we have included 10 different handrail styles for your outdoor living build.

Which handrail will make the most sense for your home and style? Researching your options before beginning your project is a must. You can choose anything from vertical or horizontal balusters, a variety of different materials, countless colors / stains, and every individual touch in between.

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