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Basement Wet Bar

A little help when planning to build a bar in your basement.

Standard, no frills wet bars in basements have lost a lot popularity in recent years. A simple countertop and sink do not add much value to your home and isn’t a demanding resale feature. However, the more extravagant, “themed” or custom a wet bar becomes – fully equipped with well-appointed features – this space can really set a basement off. In this article we’ll discuss a few features that will separate your wet bar from the mundane.

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Home Theater – Acoustic Treatment

Immerse yourself in a true audiophile experience by properly treating your theater.

In previous articles, we discussed room size and shape which primarily aid in choosing screen size and how sound waves reflect within the room. When talking about theater acoustics, there’s two main concerns: the first is the quality of sound within the theater, and the second is mitigating sound from traveling throughout the rest of the home and neighborhood. In this article we’ll be discussing the first; the quality of sound within the theater.

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2022 Kitchen Trends

Styles and innovations to look forward to in the coming year.

In the building world, styles tend to morph like fashion. Certain themes, materials, and innovations capture the culture and seem to seen in every magazine or television show. In this article we’ve compiled a few of our favorite kitchen elements that we think you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022.

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Modern Wrought Iron Handrail

Classy, classic, and durable.

Wrought iron has been a traditional choice of handrail for centuries, and for good reason. It’s extremely attractive, highly durable, and very safe and sturdy. It’s suitable for just about any taste and style of home as it comes in nearly an endless amount of designs. If you’re uncertain of what kind of handrail material to choose, wrought iron is typically considered top-of-the-line. And, in turn, is usually one of the more expensive choices. In this article we’ll discuss a few things to consider before purchasing wrought iron handrails and if this material is a good choice for your remodel.

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Pellet Stove Pellets

A rundown of important information before you purchase a pellet stove.

Pellet stoves have risen in popularity in recent years due to their ease of use and green-burning renewable resources. Pellet stoves are highly efficient at producing heat, don’t require chopping or storing wood, produce low emissions with catalytic converter models, and burn renewable wood by-products. In this article we’ll explain how pellet stoves operate, some of the advantages and disadvantages, along with some insight to help you determine if this type of fireplace is a good choice for your home.

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