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Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs Dusting of Snow

March, April, and May planting suggestions for landscaping and gardens.

Spring in Colorado is absolutely bi-polar, and we emphasize “polar”. We’ve only experienced 6 days of March so far and at my house we’ve reached into 60 degree temperatures, had 6 inches of show, and lows into the teens. Planting within Colorado Springs proper can also vary greatly with elevations ranging from 9,200 to 5,700 feet – the nearby region ranging from 14,115 (Pikes Peak) to 3,300 (Kansas Border) feet. With all of the variables, how do you know what to plant and when?

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Colorado Springs Home Theater

Important considerations before you begin construction on your home theater.

There’s two significantly different ways to approach a home theater build; new construction from scratch, or converting an existing room within your home into a dedicated theater. Building from scratch obviously allows you to take every detail into consideration, whereas converting an existing room is all about optimizing the space you have available. Both can yield some pretty spectacular results, leagues above a typical home entertainment system found in most family rooms.

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Hardwood Dining Room

Is the flooring material you're thinking about best suited for the way you use your home?

Beyond aesthetics and being visually appealing, not all flooring is created equal. Certain materials perform better under certain conditions, and we want to help you choose the best material for your home. To do this properly, different rooms require different considerations – and the way you intend on using your floor makes a big difference.

We’ve narrowed down 3 important questions to ask yourself before beginning any flooring renovation. Use this list to determine the best material for your needs.

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Colorado Springs Landscaping

Spoiler–spring. And here’s why.

Landscaping means a variety of things to different people, mainly because yards tend to be uniquely individual. Even in cookie-cutter sub-divisions where every house is built off of the same three layouts, yards are not. What you do to your yard is not the same as what your neighbor will do. Nevertheless, there are a few general guidelines we can share that will help maximize your landscaping endeavor.

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Washing Dishes

Here’s 6 tips to make sure you’re not causing unnecessary damage to your plumbing.

As long as the water is working in your home, no one thinks much about where it comes from or where it goes. However, supply lines and drains are an intricate system that weaves within the walls of your home. Damage to this plumbing can be quite costly, and cause quite the mess. Plumbing repairs usually require several additional steps beyond fixing the actual pipe – from water mitigation, to drywall and flooring repairs, and fixture replacement. To help avoid unnecessary disasters, we’ve made a list of common ways you can care for your pipes and prolong the life of your plumbing.

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