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Creating a Luxurious Personal Retreat: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for High-End Homes in Colorado Springs

Custom bathroom renovation in Colorado Springs. Artisan tub, white trim, glass shower enclosure, bay window, snowing outside.

A tranquil, spa experience in your own home? Didn’t think it was possible? With a little design and planning, Alpine Contracting will turn your production master bathroom into a custom luxurious retreat.

Everyone has their thing. A lot of attention has been given to man caves. We’ve all seen elaborate home theaters. Garages with epoxy floors, Gladiator storage, and every tool imaginable displayed above a workbench like an episode of Top Gear. But let’s face it, way more of our life is spent in the bathroom–and we’re about to change your idea of what this space could be.

What Is A Personal Retreat Bathroom?

We’re lucky to live in Colorado Springs and to be immersed in the natural beauty that surrounds us. It seems that most of us have a view of Pikes Peak or are tucked into a nook of trees like a storybook. However, is your home taking full of advantage of the view that surrounds you? Have you experienced gazing into the trees and peaks from an oversized clawfoot tub?

Retreat bathrooms are an experience, not just a place to take care of necessities. We optimize the functional and transform the mundane into an impressive and immersive space of comfort and relaxation. From the visual beauty, the tactile satisfaction of smooth curves, atmospheric lighting, and intelligent design–a well thought-out bathroom is a pleasure beyond value.

What Elevates A Typical Bathroom Into A Personal Retreat?

Design of the Room

One thing that is often overlooked is the physical space and size of the room. Many production builders shrink the size of bathrooms, putting that square footage elsewhere. Consider how much time of your daily life is spent in the bathroom. A lot. Most of us use this space considerably more than guest rooms, rec rooms, man caves, she sheds, theaters, home gyms, patios, decks, and the list goes on. Devoting proper, and just a little more square footage to your bathroom, can completely transform its experience. This can be achieved through remodeling, additions, or cantilevered bays.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Striking design and high-end features are immediately recognizable. However, what creates a personal retreat bathroom is putting thought into how you use it. Separating the toilet from the main area is not only visually pleasing, but welcome solitude to those who share bathrooms. Showers separate from soaking tubs with built in benches are perfect for busy mornings and quick shaves.

Powder Nooks

Powder nooks complete with proper lighting, electrical outlets, and scalable mirrors declutter the counter space that surrounds sinks. Elegant drawers and cabinetry built specifically to store jewelry and display cosmetics is not only a treat often overlooked, but extremely considerate to the person who may share the bathroom with you.


It’s something you do every day, and personal preference for how this is achieved is as diverse as musical tastes, favorite foods, and novels. Standard showers are quick and easy in the morning, but even the slightest changes can transform this task into something you look forward to. Multiple shower heads, body sprays, elevated extra large rain heads, digital temperature control, spray cycles, music, lighting, aroma therapy; not to mention artistic tile work, bench seating, thoughtful built-in soap containers and dispensers, and glass doors for natural lighting. Showers can be as unique as you with endless features and variations, and it’s fun choosing what suits you best.

Soaking Tubs

From elegant clawfoot cast-iron tubs, to massive porcelain soaking tubs, to deep jacuzzi-jetted tubs; selecting a tub is a focal point and spa treatment. A proper tub extends the amount of time you want to spend in your bathroom, and turns this space into a sought after experience. Some choose to end their day in front of a TV, other choose a glass of wine, a book, and long soak. If this is you, diligently devote your budget and effort into the space that you really care about. There's no "right" or "wrong" with remodeling and renovation, it simply comes down to optimizing the way you choose to live.


We love it when our clients get creative. I don’t know about you, but we’re tired of square blocks. Choose something fun for this space–unique to you. We can build it, we promise. Beyond the skilled craftsmanship of our tile setters, heated radiant floors are also a nice touch. No shocking cold steps with bare feet.


A well organized walk-in closet off of the bathroom is a nice touch and complements the powder nook perfectly.

I Want

Our clients throughout Colorado Springs have done some amazing things with their bathroom experience. Sometimes the right lot in the Broadmoor or Black Forest really sets it off, but some of the most creative and our favorite bathrooms have been off of Briargate and in Wolf Ranch. A luxury bathroom isn’t exclusive to multi-million-dollar homes, it’s simply a matter of priorities. And honestly, with the amount of time we each spend in the bathroom daily, it’s one of the best places to focus your money.

As always, Alpine Contracting is here to help you design and choose the perfect elements to complete your personal retreat bathroom. Reach out and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Alpine Contracting
17 September 2023